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Many services that fall under the massage therapy umbrella can be restorative!

Thai Massage with Melissa Kelly, LMT, has been described as a wonderful combination of yoga and massage.  You get the benefits of stretching and manual therapy in one session!  Choose from 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions on the Thai mat.

Active Isolated Stretching with Karen L. Heide, LMT, is very beneficial for reducing muscles stiffness, increasing flexibility, reducing risk of injuries, increasing athletic performance, and reduction of spasms and tension.  Choose from a 30 minute stretch session, or a combination of massage and stretch for 60 or 90 minutes.

We have a team of certified Prenatal Massage therapists – perfect for moms-to-be!

For those who are looking for pampering and rejuvenation, we offer a variety of facials, spa-like amenities and specialty services.  One of the advantages of having access to such a talented team of massage therapists is finding therapists who received specialized training in areas that interest them.

Our facial specialists are also massage therapists, providing not only expertise in skin care, you’ll also get the special bonus of professional massage during your session.  Custom facials are tailored to your unique skin type.  Visit Mary Ann Maloney, LMT or Karen Heide, LMT for these restorative sessions.

Other specialties include anti-aging treatments: Bellanina Facelift Massage, Ezzi-Lift Neck and Face Treatment, Anti-Aging Macro Exfoliation, and Microcurrent Scar Therapy with Patty Spatz, LMT, and the LuminEssence Facelifting Massage with Sally Ramsey, LMT.

Sessions using the therapeutic values of essential oils include the Ayruvedic Anti-Stress Package offered by Patty Spatz, LMT and The Raindrop Technique offered by Melissa Kelly, LMT.

We can also add any number of amenities to your massage session, including:  hot stones, foot scrub, back scrub, or aromatherapy.

Spa / Specialty Services

   Anti-Aging Macro Exfoliation 
   Ayruvedic Anti-Stress Package  
   Active Isolated Stretching  
   Bellanina Facelift Massage  more info
   Custom Facial  more info
   Ezzi-Lift Face and Neck Treatment 
   LuminEssence Facelifting Massage 
   Luxury Rejuvenation Massage  more info
   Microcurrent Scar Therapy  more info
   Prenatal Massage more info 
   Raindrop Technique  more info
   Signature Serenity  more info
   Stretch and Massage  
   Thai Massage  

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